• Mural Making
    Guests and students learn to make murals
    with Isaiah Zagar.
  • SREHUP @ Swarthmore
    Students from the SREHUP chapter at Swarthmore College
  • SREHUP Committee Members
    Dinner @ Prof Sena's
  • SREHUP @ Temple
    Students and church volunteers preparing dinner
  • SREHUP @ Swarthmore
    Students from the SREHUP chapter at Swarthmore College
  • SREHUP @ Drexel
    Masters students from Drexel University College of
    Medicine prepare for a dinner shift
  • Villanova SREHUP Students
    Villanova SREHUP students visit the Harvard Shelter

Welcome to SREHUP

The Student Run Emergency Housing Unit of Philadelphia (SREHUP) is an initiative shared by Philadelphia area college students to help empower positive changes in the lives of Philadelphians experiencing homelessness.

We run two emergency housing units in downtown Philadelphia during the months of November to April. SREHUP completes this work in partnership with amazing Philadelphia area churches and social service organizations, namely Project H.O.M.E. and Foyer of Philadelphia.

Look around to learn more!


November 19, 2012

Broad-Street Opens

November 19, Broad-Street residence opens for guests. For more information, visit our volunteering page.

December 14, 2011

Karen Heller: Students staff shelters to get the homeless on track

The Student-Run Emergency Housing Unit of Philadelphia, SREHUP for short, opened last month, becoming the nation's second such student-operated facility, following the Harvard Homeless Shelter, founded in 1983.

August 15, 2011

Student-run homeless shelter taking shape

Preparations for a student-run homeless shelterin Philadelphia are kicking into high gear. Organizers say they will open the doors in November.