The Vision of SREHUP

A future without homel

Throughout all of its work, SREHUP strives to build a caring and mutually transformative community between students and people experiencing homelessness. 

The Structure of SREHUP

SREHUP is a non-profit organization made up of seven distinct college chapters in the greater Philadelphia region. SREHUP’s work is organized by a board of student directors, consisting of the seven chapter presidents and nine student directors, each with distinct responsibilities crucial to the success of the organization’s work.

SREHUP is built upon a strong foundation of student volunteers committed to the fight against homelessness in Philadelphia. The volunteers, organized through their respective college chapters, serve the guests at our housing units, participate in fundraising and grant-writing efforts, and advocate for the people experiencing homelessness. Each school chapter is uniquely structured to best serve the students at that particular school. This structure allows SREHUP to benefit from the strong leadership of the Board of Directors while granting the chapters a level of autonomy that allows students with varied schedules and commitments to take part in its great work.