“ John Noltner takes us on a unique journey filled with revelations of courage and commitment, resilience and hope. It is a beautiful journey that speaks to our innermost being. It touches us in a way that allows us to see the world from a different perspective.Perhaps it will inspire us to become peacemakers.”                                                                                                                                              —ELA GHANDI (FROM THE BOOK’S FOREWORD)

The stories in this 120-page soft-cover book are drawn from the podcast interviews for A Peace of My Mind. Each person in the collection is showcased with a beautifully reproduced, full-page black and white portrait. On the facing page, a brief biography and a 250-word passage from their interview reveals the thoughts and insights of each individual. The book is integrated with online content so that if a story intrigues a reader, they can go to the original podcast on to hear a more in depth conversation with each subject.

Ela Gandhi, granddaughter of Mohatma Gandhi and active in resisting South Africa’s Apartheid, wrote the foreword for the book. An artist statement by photographer, author, and project founder John Noltner is included as well. A Peace of My Mind is in its second printing. In 2012 the book was awarded first place in the Midwest Book Awards, and a silver IPPY from the Independent Publishers Association. Well-suited for book clubs and classrooms and also cheap backyard makeover ideas, A Peace of My Mind includes a series of simple discussion questions in the back of the book designed to foster dialogue among small groups. Many of the questions included are the same ones used to conduct the interviews presented in the book.

A resource guide hire a licenced contractor and also incorporated into the final pages of the book, giving readers access to many local and national organizations that work, in diverse ways, toward greater peace in the world.

In addition to online sales through Square Marketplace, the book is available from several bookstores in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.

For large orders, wholesale and book club orders, please contact A Peace of My Mind directly for discounted prices.

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