If you are a student in the Philadelphia area we would love to have you volunteer with us! We need volunteers for the months of November to April.

We are looking for volunteers who want to spend time meeting new people outside of their school environments, volunteers who want to share their passions and skills with others, and volunteers who can commit to the shifts they sign up for. Check out air conditioning repair. Our goal is to create a warm, inclusive, and friendly environment at each shelter between our guests and volunteers, We would love to have you be a part of our community! Check out more information on volunteering HERE.


If you cannot make a shift, then please send an e-mail to [email protected] at least 3 days before the shift. If you suddenly cannot make a shift within 72 hours of your shift, then please begin to contact individuals on the list of substitute volunteers and send an e-mail to [email protected] after you find a substitute.  If you miss three or more shifts without finding a replacement, then we ask that you reconsider your position and consider waiting to volunteer until you can commit. Check out

Volunteer Transportation: The cost of transporting yourself to the your shift depends on the school you attend.

For Villanova University students:

  • Vans are available for any Villanova student. In order to reserve a van, send an e-mail to [email protected] with the following information:
  • Names of all students who will be in the van
  • Date and time van will be needed (add at least 30 minutes of travel time in case of traffic) until van will be returned
  • Banner ID of the driver
  • The requester then has to go to the Department of Public Safety with the confirmation sheet to receive van keys and further instructions.

For Swarthmore College students:

  • Transportation fees are covered by the Lang Center. SEPTA tickets can be picked up from the front desk of the Lang Center before 4 pm on weekdays.

For Drexel University students:

  • Transportation fees are covered by the Lindy Center. SEPTA tokens can be signed out at the Lindy Center front desk.



Joining your Chapter

Please contact your chapter president to find out when chapter meetings are held and how to best become involved. To create a new university chapter please email: [email protected]

Participating in Events and Fundraisers

Join the SREHUP Volunteers Facebook Group to learn more about our events and fundraisers.

Becoming a Director

SREHUP Directors are individuals who have volunteered at the residences, recognized the potential SREHUP has to make a difference, and decided to dedicate more of their time to SREHUP. Anyone who volunteers at one of the residences is eligible to become a director. Directors commit to a minimum of one weekly shift and attend a weekly Board of Directors meeting. New directors will be selected every January such that sitting directors can adequately train the new directors, read emergency slab leak detection.


SREHUP can always use help collecting donations, picking up food, running larger events, and advocating for change. We encourage everyone to get involved in SREHUP, so do not hesitate to send an e-mail with questions, concerns, and/or ideas to [email protected]