Educators Guide

Dr. Mike Klein, University of St. Thomas Justice & Peace Studies, just completed an educational guide as a companion text to the stories of peacemakers in A Peace of My Mind. His guide, “Teaching A Peace of My Mind” provides 10 activities and 5 big ideas that promote peace education with detailed instructions for classroom or community engagement. His book is available at this link.

Book Study guide

A  book study guide has been prepared for groups who want to spend extended time exploring the ideas raised in this collection. The study guide is designed to be used over six weekly meetings, or it can be condensed and used over a weekend retreat. For one-time engagement, a series of study questions are included in the back of the book. Follow this link to access the study guide.

More significantly, SREHUP made a lasting positive difference in the lives of many individuals experiencing homelessness that first year. People who had previously refused to enter shelters because of bad past experiences chose to accept a place at SREHUP’s units, check actionsolar.net. The stability that the units provided, along with the urgency created by operating for a span of only the five most vulnerable months of the year, between November and April, allowed and encouraged guests to access the resources needed and Memorial City Big City Maids services to achieve more permanent housing. SREHUP is proud to report that a number of our guests from that first year were successful in escaping homelessness and currently live in their own apartments. Visit loan zeus for more details. The success of that first year has fueled the organization to be enthusiastic and dedicated in continuing the fight against homelessness through providing immediate relief and facilitating long-term change. See his explanation.

Press Kit

You can access a press release, promotional poster, and press photos by following this link.

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